Board Meeting Minutes–Tuesday December 19th

Board Meeting Minutes–Tuesday December 19th – 4:30 p.m.
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  1. Opening Moment of Silence and prayer for brothers who have passed or are sick.
  2. Approval of previous draft of previous minutes.
  3. Financial Report: Jenn
  4. Treasurer Report: Updates
  5. Committee: Reports: Updates

    Keenan NIL report
  • escrow for NIL funds
  • football club donation
  • athletic program
  • structure for which student athlete gets paid
  • BOD work in conjunction with school admin (Sanil group)
  1. Mark Hayes Exc. Dir

– Cliffs group ( IRS certification) can right off donations

  1. Team updates:
    a. Practice going well
    b. Recruiting well
    c. OL big focus down their
    d. About 70 guys for Bowl game tickets
  2. Athletic department updates:
    a. Jenna not on
  3. SFC Website: Updates / changes
    a. Member versus non members (TBC)
  • charge events differently for each
  • lifetime members (acknowledge) new members

    b. Zunic and Letter Award of Distinction (Roger P nominations)
    c. Eric idea of SFC paying members having opportunity to meet coach Fran
  1. New Business: Upcoming
  2. Next Conference Call: January 16th
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