Board Meeting MinutesOctober 17, 2023

Board Meeting Minutes
October 17, 2023 – 4:30 p.m.
Zoom Meeting


Roger Praetorius
Jenn Conley
Todd Kasmar
Cliff Ensley
Kevin McLoughlin
Russ Mills
Chuck Boniti
Dion Maddox

Jim DaRin
Len Campolieta
Jim Jerome
Chris Williamson
Keenan Hale
Scot Swedes
Jenna Rodgers

The Board Meeting Minutes are as Follows:

  1. Prayers/Moment of Silence
    SFC Vice President Keenan Hale brought the SFC Board Zoom meeting to order at about 4:40pm with a
    moment of silence for our former Orange Brothers who have recently passed away or are in need due
    poor health or economic distress.
  2. Approval of Previous SFC Board Meeting Minutes
    The draft SFC Board Meeting Minutes of the previous meeting were not prepared and hence could not
    be approved by the Board.
  3. Financial Information-Money in Savings and Checking Accounts
    The following are the SFC financial balances; a combined checking account and saving account balance of
    a total of $46,637.71 for cash on hand with $24,061.00 in a checking account and $22,576.71 in a savings
  4. Chris Gedney Children Fund
    There is a request by Tim Adhern (manager of the Chris Geddy Children Fund) to finally close out the
    remaining monies of $3700.00 with a check to Ellianna, Chris’s youngest daughter. The SFC set up this
    “stand alone account” in 2018 to assist the Gedney family after the untimely passing of Chris Gedney. It
    was the commitment of the SFC that 100% of the donations, which were tax deductible, would reach his
    four children. This SFC objective was fulfilled with appreciation for the efforts of Tim Adhern over the
    past five years in managing this account. A vote was taken and it was unanimously approved by the
    attending SFC Board Members to close this account with the final payment of $3700.
  5. Dion Maddox Team Update
    Dion provided the SFC with the latest details about the current Syracuse Football team that has suffered
    three straight losses by sizable margins. The Coaching staff is hopeful they can turn this around and
    come out with a winning season. The availability free of charge for two home game tickets to former
    players is once again working out this season with the established protocols thanks to Dion’s timely
  6. SFC Weekend (Reception, Golf Tournament, Zunic Award and Tailgate) Recap
    This weekend was the single most important event on the annual SFC calendar. The Thursday evening
    reception at Aloft Syracuse Inner Harbor was well attended and a limited run of “Syracuse Football Club
    Beer” was available in a stylish can. The use of Drumlins Golf private side facilities were once again
    secured for the Friday September 22 Golf Tournament. For those non golfers there was another event
    available for this year’s SFC All-Inclusive Weekend, Go-Kart racing at RPM Raceway Syracuse, located in
    the iconic Destiny USA (9090 Destiny USA Dr.). Eight racers signed up for this first time event with Greg
    Steen and Nick Marcella vying for speed champion honors. Rusty Mills was selected as this year’s
    recipient of the Zunic Award and the presentation dinner and ceremony were held after the Golf
    Tournament at Drumlins. The Zunic Award Video was shown at the SFC Dinner and then shown again
    the next day during a break in the Army game. Once again Jim Jerome efforts in regards to the entire
    Zunic Award process are greatly appreciated. The Army game held on Saturday September 23, 2023 with
    the Kickoff time at noon required an early start at Lenny’s Tailgate Tent. But with the game over before
    4:00pm there was plenty of time to utilize the tailgate facilities after the game as well. Lenny’s Tailgate
    Tent was once again a resounding success and many thanks to Lenny Campolieta for once again putting
    on a first class pre and postgame production. Also at this Army game halftime, Coach Ben
    Schwartzwalder was formally inducted into the Ring of Honor. All of the attending SFC members that
    played for Ben went out onto the field during the induction ceremony at Halftime. Many thanks and
    kudos goes to Nick Marcella who did most of the leg work for this successful weekend and the entire SFC
    membership is quite appreciative.
  7. SFC Officers and Candidates
    Rich Rosen has accepted the role of Treasurer. Keenan Hale mentioned that both Warren Harvey and he
    are willing to be President and Vice President for another year. However, this generous offer may now be
    against the recently revised by-laws of the SFC. The SFC is also still looking for a nomination/volunteer
    for Secretary whose primary role is preparing the monthly minutes. The current Secretary is going into
    their 9
    th year.
  8. O
  9. Next SFC Board Meeting
    The next Zoom meeting of the SFC Board will occur on November 21, 2023 at 4:40pm.
    Prepared by Kevin McLoughlin

Prepared by Kevin McLoughlin

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