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Dear SU Football Club Members:

I want to reach out and thank the SFC Board of Directors and the SFC Members for their continuing support for our In The Loop Interviews! It has been such fun to talk with former SU Players about life after football and their many successes. Their personal comments about their experiences as a football player, and the opportunity to use their degree in their chosen field as support for achieving success in their path in life is very inspiring.

If you have followed the ITL ar cles, you will be so proud to see the record of achievement in the area of using their skills they learned as athletes through training, setting goals, teamwork, working hard to achieve those goals and always striving to reach the top of their game as highly desirable skills needed in the work place.

Beyond the wins and losses, spirited rivalries, and gridiron match ups, lies the important lessons former SU players have learned in a lifetime. And these lessons have given many of our players the idea that “there is life after football.”

A former player said it well during one of our interviews when he mentioned “how grateful he was that having a full scholarship as a SU Football player, gave him a chance to get a quality education while playing a sport he loved.”

I want to personally thank all of the former players who agreed to the interview. The sharing of their stories with our former players will help to provide them with the tools, direction, mentoring, and mo va on required as they seek new employment or initial employment after retiring from organized sports activities.

I am hopeful that any former player who wants to share their life experiences to help their football brothers will please contact me at [email protected] or text me at 315-720-0140 with information on how I can contact you. Your thoughts will be very helpful to former players.

We are SU proud and we as a brotherhood will always have our teammates’ success in mind.

~Pat Killorin ‘66

The pictures you see are of the former players we have interviewed so far for our ITL program.

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