Minutes of the September 28, 2021 SFC Board Meeting

Minutes of the September 28, 2021 SFC Board Meeting. Submitted by Keenan Hale

Meeting was called to order at 4:32 by President DaRin. Those on zoom call include Barb Nesci, Rusty Mills, Blake Bednarz, Skip Dalrymple, Keenan Hale, Chris Williamson, Warren Harvey, and Lenny Camp. Moment of silence & prayer for passed and hurting Orange Brothers. Previous meeting minutes approved. Financial report (Nesci) shows $22,567.31 in savings & $31,850.58 checking. Jim discussed Zunic reception, bill came out to $1500. Barb ordered the food and covered the logistics, Mike provided the drinks. Make sure we send thanks to Nancy, Dale, and the Lusardi Family. Pregame at the dome was poorly attended and the dome video which was a 1min tribute played during the game did not work properly. Dome staff said pregame that the video was fully functional on the new dome system and no apology was given for the mishap to date. Barb spoke on membership and now contacts members 3x’s before she makes them inactive. SFC member and attorney Sam Rogers reviewed and helped to update our bylaws, which need to be approved and voted on by the Board. We should work with Coach Hicks to explore various fundraising opportunities as we engage alumni. Skip discussed thoughts on growing the SFC suggesting that 1 person bring another. Spring game was also mentioned. Deadline for submitting nominations for the next President & VP is in Oct. Barb will send email to the entire group for their submissions. President DaRin working on outstanding issues. Next meeting is scheduled for 10/19 at 4:30. 

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