SFC Board Mtg Minutes – November 17 2020

Final Board Meeting Minutes November 17, 2020 – 4:30 p.m.
Zoom Meeting


Skip Dalrymple
Keenan Hale
Barb Nesci
Jenna Rodgers
Jim Jerome
Brian Ishman
Jim DaRin
Lavar Lombdell

Warren Harvey
Rusty Mills
Chris Williamson
Cliff Ensley
Todd Kasmar
Kevin McLoughlin
Cameron Lynch

The Draft Board Meeting Minutes are as follows:

1. Prayers/Moment of Silence

President Jim DaRin brought the meeting to order at about 4:35pm with a moment of silence for former players who have recently passed away or are in need due to sickness.

2. Approval of Previous SFC Board Meeting Minutes

The draft Board Meeting minutes of the October 20, 2020 were accepted and approved by the attending Board Members. These minutes will now be distributed in their final version with any attachments in a PDF format to not only to all the Board members but also to the entire SFC membership as a means to continuously inform all the SFC members as to the scope of activities conducted by our organization. They will also be posted on the SFC website.

3. Financial Information-Money in Savings and Checking Accounts

After the meeting Jim Jerome provided the Board with the following SFC financial balances; A combined checking account and saving account balance of $79,044.93 for cash on hand with $56,482.73 in a checking account and $22,560.20 in a savings account. This is an all-time high for the SFC.

4. Final Numbers on  Ben Schwartzwalder Veterans Memorial Fund 

Cliff Ensley updated the SFC Board members on the current status of the fund. A total of 63 donors gave a total of $16,264

5. Launch of Mentoring and Jobs Programs

Rusty Mills once again led the discussion on the efforts to enlist senior and more established SFC members to act as advisers and mentors so as to provide guidance for those younger former players that are still trying to find gainful employment in their preferred careers. A number of volunteers (8 so far) have come forward to assist in this new mentoring program. A list will be provided on the website with their academic/occupational backgrounds. It was mentioned once again that when players have used up their athletic eligibility they may be contacted and assisted without any risk of possible accidental NCAA regulatory violations. To date no younger players have stepped forward to sign up to be assisted by this budding SFC mentoring program. However, further personal contacts with these graduating seniors is being planned to both notify them of our career development opportunities offered by the SFC as well as a means to enlist new active members to the Club. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Annual Football Awards Dinner will not occur this year and this yearly event was a very good approach to meet all the seniors who have finished their athletic eligibility while they are still attending school.

6. New SFC Website Development – Skip Dalrymple

The website development is still an ongoing affair. Over 400 hundred former players have signed into the website but not all have completed their profiles. It was noted that about 425 former players are without up-to-date contact information. It has been suggested to have the former Captains (or other identified leader) attempt to find their missing teammates and determine if they want to be contacted by the SFC. Also, on the matter of offering a free membership period of one year for those coming back into the SFC through the new Website was voted on and approved.

7. New Revised By-Laws – Warren Harvey

Warren has previously distributed a new set of draft SFC By-Laws for review and comment at the last meeting. Comments were submitted to Warren in early November and he is now reviewing the comments and revising the By-Laws. A final version will be forthcoming soon.

8. Huddle of Hope

For those former players that have drug or alcohol problems past Zunic Award Winner (2016) Tom Hermanowski has volunteered his services to support SFC members with their substance use and abuse issues. Tom has been involved in the field of alcohol and drug abuse for many decades. Tom is the founder of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training (ADAPT).

9. Golfing with the Coaches

With the Covid 19 pandemic the 2020 Golfing with the Coaches vent had to be cancelled. The date has now been set for 2021 affair and it is Monday June 21, 2021.

10. Next Meeting

The next meeting date has tentatively been set for December 17, 2020 (the third Thursday of each month).

Prepared by Kevin McLoughlin

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