SU Alumni Recruiting Letter

Hello SU Football Alumns,

I hope we are all energized for this upcoming 2022 season for our Syracuse football team. And in order to help increase our level of play for seasons after 2022, we need all hands on deck to boost our recruiting efforts.  We don’t want to miss out on players who would shine at Cuse. 

That’s where y’all come in since the coaches can’t scout everybody. The Syracuse Football Club and I have created a recruiting form for alums to fill out when they have a potential prospect who would be a great addition to the team. That form would be sent directly to me and then reviewed by Syracuse football coaches with feedback given no later than two weeks after the recruiting form has been sent.  Below is the form to fill out from our SFC website.

Please let us know if you have any questions and send me an email to confirm you have completed the form. GO ORANGE! 

The form is on the Home page top right under recruiting.


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